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                     Est December 2014



                     Est: December 2014

     A snap shot from 2015, 2016 & 2017

              Pollinators for Wisley

    SFWI 100th Birthday Celebrations




BOOKHAM Butterflies

were rushed off their feet,

running the refreshments

stall at Bookham Village Day

Members baked all the

cakes, served on the stall

and brewed hundreds of

teas and coffees.

The Butterflies were

awarded the cup for best

dressed stall inside Bookham

Barn Hall. The hall's

serving hatch was

decorated with fabulous


flowers and caterpillars ( see

picture above right) made by

members to fit in with this

year's Village Day theme-

Bookham Takes Flight.

Also pictured are a group of

Butterflies at The Poppy

Factory near Richmond,

which was founded in 1922

to offer employment

opportunities to wounded

soldiers returning from the 

First World War. During a

tour of the factory

members were shown how

the various different types

of poppies are made and

also had the chance to make

their own poppies.

August's Monthly Meeting


Line Dancing

Our August meeting was a chance for members to try some line dancing. Our instructor, Beryl, soon had us on our feet and showing us some simple steps so that we could ( hopefully) move our feet in the right

order. The accompanying music soon had us bobbing away and everyone had a good time. A very enjoyable evening and a big thank you to Beryl.