WI Resolutions

OUR NEXT CAMPAIGN:  We ask you to consider 5 resolutions and select the one you would most like to go forward for further discussion and voting following the AnnualMeeting in April 2021.

Our next Campaign
A call to increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer
Stop women dying prematurely from coronary heart disease.
Rasism and discrimination
Now's the time to act!  Protect your nature space to create wildlife-friendly communities
Stop the destruction of peat bogs to tackle climate change
How to make your selection
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RESOLUTIONS FOR 2020: End Modern Slavery & Stem. Cell Register.

Unfortunately not debated due to Covid 19

RESOLUTIONS FOR 2019: Don't fear the smear & A Call against the decline in local bus services.

 RESOLUTION FOR 2018: Mental Health Matters.

 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2017: Alleviating Loneliness & Plastic Soup.

 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016: Avoid food waste & Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia.