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Past Events 2023

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3/02/23  Bletchley Park

17/06/23 Bookham Village Day "On Safari"

19/06/23 Chimney Fire Coffee Visit

20/06/23 Bookham Village Day Quiz

27/06/23 Mottisfont Park

18/08/23 Blenheim Palace

29/09/23 Annual Quiz Evening

6/10/23 Couture Exhibition at Kensington Palace

16/11/23 Christmas Lights at Kew Gardens


Bletchley Park

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Bookham Village Quiz Evening 


On Tuesday 20th June, six Butterflies took part in the annual Bookham Village Day Quiz. Participants were groups affiliated to the Bookham Community Association (BCA) who maintain the Ban Hall. The last village day quiz was held in 2019 due to the pandemic. The winning team always set the questions for the following year and the losers do the refreshments. The National Women's Register (NWR) won in 2019 and they set seven rounds of 10 questions plus two picture rounds based on this year's theme "On Safari". The questions were varied and interesting and some were challenging but great fun. The BBWI team started well but in the end we only finished in 12th place out of 14 teams with a score of 120 points. The winning team were the Bookham Residents Association (BRA) with 146 points and the losing team were the BCA with 117 points, only three points less than the BBWI team! The BBWI team had a very enjoyable evening.

Gillian Micklewright


Chimney Fire Coffee Visit

The Roastery.jpg

A small group of Bookham Butterflies WI coffee lovers went to the Chimney Fire Coffee company operating at Denbies. As you walked into their building we were greeted by the beautiful smell of coffee and our host Sam, who told us that coffee dates back to the 15th century and was discovered in Yemen, when the goats were seen to be energised after eating " berries ." He gave us our first cup of several different coffees, Finca las Cruces ( Colombian ) named after the farm it came from.
Chimney Fire Coffee started life six years ago in a couple of stables in Effingham, but as their business of roasting coffee grew, they moved to Denbies Wine Estate in 2022 and invested in a new 30kg roaster which would have been too big for their original home. They work with small coffee farmers, those that farm only a few hectors of land.It was interesting to learn that the deep brown coloured roasted bean we all know comes from a berry not too dissimilar to a cherry and it is very often picked by hand. After this the berries have the flesh removed revealing usually green seeds which are dried, either on a drying table or using modern technology.
Coffees from the South America usually had notes of chocolate and sometimes toffee. Beans producing different flavoured coffees are also grown in Asia and Africa. Sam showed us how to get the best out of making coffee at home and then we finished off the visit by sampling an Ethiopia coffee ( from the Nano Challo Cooperative) which had hits of floral and honey. It was good to see that their packaging was compostable, and that they are proud to operate in an environmentally sustainable way.

Linda Rockett



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Towards the end of June , the Butterflies and guests enjoyed a day out at Mottisfont, a National Trust property near Ramsey in Hampshire. A cloudy day after hot weather turned out to be ideal for exploring the delightful grounds, house,and River Test walk with trout and salmon. The house, orginally a Priory built in the 1200s, was converted into a Tudor Manor House in the 1530s. In 1930
Gilbert and Maud Russell purchased the property as their weekend retreat for house parties. One of their frequent famous guests was Ian Fleming.With the ground so dry as you looked out from the Morning Room in the main house you could see the "parched" marks on the ground marking out the footprint of the Priory and the Manor House buried beneath. The grounds contain 35 species of trees. Unfortunatley the hot weather meant the roses were pass ed their best, but this did not detract from a wide variety of planting and the other gorgeous flowers in the walled gardens.The roses we did see were heavenly, some looking like candy sweets with their red and pink stripes. Many walkways were lined with an extensive display of beautiful smelling lavender. There were two old Shepard's huts, one decked out to show how they would have been live in and a nice courtyard. A lovely day out.

Linda Rockett


Blenheim Palace

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Annual Quiz Evening

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Crown to Couture Exhibition
Kensington Palace

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Christmas Lights at Kew Gardens

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