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To all BBWI members if you would like to become more involved with the committee either as a full or sub / Friend committee member and would like to know more  please contact one of the committee below.

Clare Cody 

President & New Members Secretary

Website & Archives

Linda Rockett

VP & Events Coordinator

Trudy Price

SWIN Contact & WI Newsletter distributor

Barbi Devereux


Benita Middleton


Sally Cavel

Monthly Meeting Coordinator


Gillian Micklewright

Minutes Secretary

FB Editor



Committee Member

Karen Jackson & Margaret Barnes

Busy Bodies.

If you are a member or know of a member who is not 100% or needs our support please contact them.


Jill Jackson

 Committee Member



Jen Broh


Friends of the Committee

Crys Ruston MSC Rep

Sue Stent 

Margaret Jones

Sallyanne Souch

Jenny Epps

Angela Jones

Monthly Speakers Coordinators 2022

Karen Jackson & Margaret Barnes

Monthly Speakers Coordinators 2023

Sue Stent, Carys Collins & Fiona Keywood

Monthly Speakers Coordinators 2024

Jackie Hulton, Alyson Bayly, Lindsay Allsop, Anna Gamel, Soraya Tomkins

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