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P.R. News 2015/16

PR NEWS on this page for 2015/16


March 2015 Surrey WI News.

April 2016 The Bookhams Bulletin.

May 2016 Surrey WI News.

May 2016 The Leatherhead Advertiser.

June 2016 The Leatherhesd Advertiser.

June 2016 Thank you letter from BCA.

August 2016 Surrey WI News.

August 2016 Leatherhead Advertiser.

WI Face Book Page.

Bookhams Bulletin Autumn 2016.

September 2016 Leatherhead Advertiser

October 2016 Surrey WI News.

November 2016 Surrey WI News : Surrey Selection.

December 2016 Surrey WI News : Surrey  selection.

WI Life November/ December 2016.

Butterflies 2nd Birthday

Dec 2016

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