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25/01/18 Woking Theatre Sunset Boulevard

03/02/18 Charity Quiz Evening

16/03/18 Bespoke Flower Arranging Workshop

16/04/18 Royal British Legion Poppy factory

09/06/18 Art Workshop

16/06/18 Bookham Village Day

19/06/18 Bookham Village Quiz Evening

21/06/18 Pots & Prosecco

08/07/18 Trip to Highclere 2018

29/08/18 Wednesday Walk to Abinger

11/09/18 Chocolate Workshop

10/10/18 Emlyn Downs Quiz Evening

15/11/18 Pots & Prosecco

07/12/18 Winchester Christmas Market

10/12/18 Christmas Wreath Making

17/12/18 BBWI 4th Birthday

Bookham Butterflies Charity Quiz Evening  03/02/18

The Bookham Butterflies WI ( BBWI ) Quiz Night on Saturday 3rd February 2018 proved to be as popular as ever with lots of fun & laughter. All the proceeds, after expenses will be donated to two local charities. BBWI is giving half to Riding for the Disabled at Horsley & Bookham and the winning team has chosen for the other half to go to Surrey Young Carers.

The eight teams all named after Butterflies found on Bookham Common battled it out on the night with scoring across all rounds being very tight. The quizzers answered questions on a variety of topics from " Women,Crime & Punishment,TV, Observation, Firsts, All about Surrey & Pot Luck" + picture rounds.

Michaels as ever provided us with delicious fish and chips.

The winning team was Speckled Wood.

The evening raised a total of £536.40, which also included the raffle money. We had some wonderful prizes donated by local businesses - so a big thank you from all at Bookham Butterflies to Rawlings & Kennett, DiCarlo's, Carolina, The Vineries and Captain Tortue.

Linda Rocket.

               Flower Arranging Workshop  16.03.18

On a Friday in March, 25 Butterflies and friends tried their skills at flower arranging. Alison Gillott, Surrey Area of NAFAS ( National Association of Flower Arrangements Societies ) led two bespoke groups of budding "florists!" During the afternoon and evening two groups were shown how to use and wrap up a tissue box and then how to secure margarine tubs within them each containing an oasis.

All sorts of different boxes and tubs can be used and by using seasonal wrapping paper it makes a lovely gift.

Alison explained about the best way to slowly soak the oasis for the arrangements, in order to avoid creating air pockets. Once soaked Alison began building up her arrangement starting with foliage and then moving onto the flowers. In no time at all she had created a magnificent display. Then it was our turn! All the members attending turned up with armfuls of beautiful, colourful flowers and a huge variety of foliage. The results were outstanding.

Everyone was impressed by what they had achieved and now look forward to improving on their flower arranging skills.

Linda Rockett.

               Bespoke Art Workshop 09/06/18

Butterflies and friends spent an enjoyable morning on the 9th June learning how to paint a Turner. Our tutor was Francis Jordan.

              Bookham Village Quiz Evening 19.06.18

Bookham Butterflies once again entered a team for the Village Week Quiz, which is for groups and organisations affiliated to the Bookham Community Association. We answered questions ( sometimes successfully!) on Food and Drink, Literature, Geography, History, Music Science and Medicine,Flight ( as in Bookham in Flight theme for Village Week) and Show business. We also had a couple of table rounds including Dingbats. Being a WI , we of course played our joker on the Food and Drink round, which wasn't a huge success, it has to be said. Probably one of our weakest rounds! We finished 15th out of 18, but we really enjoyed the night and it was once again a lot of fun. More swotting needed for next year, we think! ;)

Jen Mcallister

                         Pots & Prosecco 21.06.18

On a warm June evening the Butterflies went to AppleTree Studio, East Horsley and had a relaxing time and fun painting ceramics. We were warmly welcomed with a chilled glass of Prosecco by Liz the owner and her helper. This was the easy bit, the hard bit was making a decision what to paint. The group chose a variety of ceramics from plates, bowls, jugs and spoon rests. Having made our choices Liz then talked us through the various painting methods and the number of layers required in order to get really bright colours. Some of us used bubble wrap with paint to give a very different finish to our items...who would have thought one could paint with bubble wrap. During the evening some of us also enjoyed Pizzas, preordered, from the cafe, Goose, just up the road from the studio - they were delicious. We all enjoyed the evening so much that we are looking forward to going back later in the year to make our own.

Linda Rockett.

                         Highclere Castle   08.07.18

                         Wednesday Walkers to Abinger 29/08/18

                          Chocolate Workshop 11/09/18

The Hidden in Bookham High Street is a little gem for chocolate lovers- Artisan Chocolate shop run by IIdiko & Tamas, a lovely Hungarian couple who decided to make a business out of "s hobby, chocolate. It started small, making chocolates for friends and family at home, then in friends Weybridge cafe to running stalls at Market/food fairs. Now they have their Bookham shop and online business.

On a Tuesday evening in September, 6 Butterflies tested out and enjoyed an evening learning about and making chocolate, which meant getting messy and of course tasting it. After a shirt introduction IIdiko started the evening with us by tempering chocolate which we then piped into various decorations including chocolate lollipops, each covered in freeze dried fruits and nuts. Getting the piping right needed a little bit of practice. Then having made ganache we filled various balls and squares of chocolate, and later we finished the night helping to make truffles. A fun two hours plus of making and eating chocolate was had by all.

Space at IIdiko"s is limited, they can only manage 6 people at a time, but dont worry we will be looking to organise a BBWI workshop in January 2019 and maybe another later next year.

Linda  Rockett

Jen Mcallister & Linda Rockett photographs

                 Emlyn Downs Quiz Evening 10/10/18

BBWI winners of the Emlyn Downs Quiz.  The "Emlyn Cup was given to the WI by Mrs Audrey Edwards in 1971.

                 Pots & Prosecco 15/11/18

The Butterflies spent a very convivial evening at Appletree Studio, Horsley. Great fun was had on trying to make decisions on what to paint whilst drinking Prosecco, the choices were end less. Did you paint Christmas plates, bowls or decorations to go on the tree, or was one to be practical and paint something for every day use! Some of the girls chose Santa plates and bowls for grandchildren. Jill gave us a quick refresher on how to use paint and methods to employ as some girls hadn't attended the summer evening event and others  had forgotten what to do. The pictures show what great fun was had and we now look forward to seeing what are creative pieces of art look like once fired.

Linda Rockett

Photographs Jen Broh & Linda Rockett

        Winchester City & Christmas Market 07/12/18

A coach load of Butterflies and their guests enjoyed a fantastic day out in the historic city of Winchester, visiting the famous Christmas Market. Set in the shadow of Winchester Cathedral, the market has an ice ring and more than a hundreds stalls, selling many wonderful craft items, as well as beautiful home-made clothes and food. There were also stalls offering roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate and of course mulled wine! The weather was very much sunshine and showers, but we managed to keep largely dry - some Butterflies also managed to fit in a little sightseeing in this very interesting city. We headed home on the coach in the late afternoon, with tired feet, but arms full of Christmas gifts and no doubt a few treats for our selves. The Winchester Christmas Market is considered to be one of the best in the country and as we found out, is visit.defiantly worth a visit!

Jen Broh

Photographs Jen Broh 

                Bespoke Christmas Wreath Making 10/12/18

      December Meeting & 4th Birthday Celebrations

      December Meeting & 4th Birthday Celebrations