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Rotas For Monthly Meetings 2024

At our monthly meetings we ask our members to take it in turns to make the Tea/Coffee and dish up the delicious treats that several of our members have made. 

We have also asked our members to volunteer to cover other monthly tasks. Please check the rota below well in advance to see if you are covering one of the volunteer slots. 


Monthly Tasks are listed below.



Tea/Coffee Rota.

Registration Rota.

Raffle Rota. When required

Badges Rota. 

Please be at the hall between 7.15-7.25pm

 All other Rotas are covered below. If you are unable to cover your allocated month please arrange to swap with another member. Your help as always is much appreciated.

Rotas For Monthly Meetings 2024

January Refreshments
Ruth Zabel & Janette Chamberlain


January Registration

Anna Wallace

January Badges

 Debbie Deadman & Karen Jackson

February Refreshments
Jacky Angus & Louise Ashley Collins


February Registration
Anne Lowson

February Badges
 Veronica Cannon & Beverly Isaacs

July Refreshments
Carol Stilwell & Pat Reynolds


July Registration

Helen Thomas

July Badges

Debbie Tearle & Sallyanne Souch

August Refreshments
Judie Symonds & Jenny Evans


August Registration
Pauline Cunningham

August Badges
 Jenny Epps & Gillian Arnold

March Refreshments
Maureen Milner & Sue Chanter


March Registration

Jen Broh

March Badges

Beryl Eisengger & Marit Krohn

April Refreshments
Tina Shermer  & Carys Collins


April Registration
Cathy Liversidge

April Badges
Marion Cattermole & Rita Derriman

September Refreshments
Francis Fancourt & Nicky James


September Registration

Soraya Tomkins

September Badges

 Pam Crawford &Anne Smith

October Refreshments
Trudy Price & Sheila Roberts


October Registration
Pam Cannon

October Badges
Lynn Farrell & Sharon Emmett

May Refreshments
Cry Rushton & Beth Nevitt


May Registration
Jenny Caine

May Badges
 Lynda Dobson & Jill Preiss

June Refreshments
Hilary Stevenson &  Lorna Lock


June Registration
Sam Spooner

June Badges
 Val Cross & Sue Fritsch


November Refreshments
Carolyne Whitworth & Sue Maddox


November Registration

Jan Lewis

November Badges

 Pam Hyde & Angela Jones

December Refreshments
Jenny Hegarty & Cornelia Albon


December Registration
Anna Gambel

December Badges
Jackie Hulton & Angela Ashcroft


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