Rotas For Monthly Meeting

At our monthly meetings we ask our members to take it in turns to make the Tea/Coffee and dish up the delicious treats that one of our members have made. (Please be there by 7.45pm)

We have also asked our members to volunteer to cover other monthly tasks. Thank you very much for the for the wonderful response. We do however still need cover for looking after the tea/coffee bag each month.

Monthly Tasks are listed below.



Tea/Coffee Rota.

Registration Rota.

Raffle Rota. When required

Baking Rota. 

 All other Rotas are covered below. If you are unable to cover your allocated month please arrange to swap with another member. Your help as always is much appreciated.

March Refreshments

March Registration

Beryl Eiseneggar & Rita Derrian

April Refreshments

April Registration

Anne Smith & Gillian Micklewright

May Refreshments
Sue Fritsh & Chris Mitchell

May Registration

Lynda Dobson & Jackie Hulton

June Refreshments
Sam Spooner & Deirdre Adams

June Registration

Cornelia Albon & Gillian Arnold

July Refreshments
Lindsay Allsop & Anna Gambel

July Registration

Shelia Roberts & Pam Crawford

August Refreshments
Jenny Epps & Janine Stein

August Registration

Frances Fancourt & Margaret Jones

September Refreshments
Jan Mann & Pat Reynolds

September Registration

Gemma Maestro & Helen Thomas

October Refreshments
Alyson Bayly & Zahra Sharples

October Registration


Jennie Hegarty & Elaine Belt

November Refreshments
Debbie Deadman & Sue Chanter

November Registration

Elspeth Young & Carolyn Headley

December Refreshments
Fiona Keywood & Eleanor Cullingham

December Registration

Tanya Booth & Jeanette Chamberlain

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