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Monthly Meetings




the 2nd Monday

of the month at 8.00pm - 10.00pm

at: The Harrison Room

The Barn Hall

55 Church Road


KT 23 3PG


We start our meeting with a cuppa and a chance to catch up with fellow members, followed by WI News and a Guest Speaker . 

 Doors open from 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start.





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BOOKHAM BUTTERFLIES WI membership is full currently. If you would like to be added to our membership list or perhaps attend one of our meetings as a visitor before joining please follow the link below. 





Alternatively please contact one of the other local WI Groups.

The Bookhams WI, Eastwick WI, Fetcham Village WI, Mole Valley WI, Bookham Bees WI or Great Bookham Belles WI.




Speakers 2024

8th January ( date subject to change )

Dance & Fitness

Annabel Brash

12th February

Marianne North: A remarkable Victorian Flower Painter

Sarah Oldridge

11th March

WW2 Women

Fiona Jane Weston

8th April

The Life of Agatha Christie

David Allen

13th May

Raw Honey Distilleries Gin

Sam Robinson

10th June

 Victorian Pharmacy

Dr Judith Hill

8th July

Tollsworth Manor

Gordon Gillet



12th August

Summer Party


A taste of Honey

Peter Smith

14th October

Peruvian Rainforest


11th November

Commonwealth Wargraves- CWGC

History and Development since 1st WW & some relevance to Great Bookham



Christmas Party & Our 10th Birthday

Speakers 2025







A Few Monthly Reviews & Photographs

                                                  27th January Meeting 2020

The speaker at our January meeting was none other than Gordon Stein, our very own Janine Stein's husband! Gordon treated us to a fascinating talk about his once in a lifetime expedition on foot to the North Pole in 2004, which he completed as part of the "North Pole Leadership Challenge". The group consisted of CEO's, Chief Finance Officers, Lawyers and other leaders from across industry, including the founder of Carphone Warehouse, who dreamt up the idea of "Talk Talk" while he was on the trek!

We heard about how Gordon trained for the challenge by dragging a tyre called "Tina" across the North Downs, to replicate the action of pulling a sledge. By the time he set off for the North Pole, he had the equivalent fitness level of an elite athlete! Gordon showed us the huge mountain of clothing which the team had to wear, including gloves and shoes which looked like sleeping bags. They had to walk for 10-14 hours per day, with just ten minute breaks every two hours for food, drink and a quick comfort break, whilst keeping a look out for polar bears!

Gordon raised an incredible £63,000 in sponsorship money by making it to the Pole. The team total was a staggering £6000,000, enough for the Hope HIV charity to build two schools in Africa. To put Gordon's achievements into context, back in 2004, only 125 people had actually reached the North Pole. Gordon remains one of only two Scots to have made it. By contrast, 5,000 people have climbed Everest. A really interesting evening- thank you Gordon and congratulations on an amazing achievement!


Jen Broh

                                24th February Meeting 2020

Our speaker at the February meeting was Mimi Bogelund, who talked about " An Organised Home Life " Mimi is a professional organiser who works with people of all ages to reduce the clutter in their lives. She explained that the cost of clutter could be an increased fire risk in the home, more stress, as well as tome and money being wasted. It can also have an impact  on family relationships. Mimi works with the organisational methods well - known organising consultant  and expert Marie Kondo. These include tidying by category, rather than by room. You should start sorting your clothes, followed by your books, papers and then everything else including anything "sentimental," which you should sort last. Marie Kondo also suggests that you finishing discarding, before you do any organising. Mimi finished by showing us the small boxes she uses in her drawers to organise her clothes, including her knickers! We all left the meeting, armed with lots of tips to take home with us.

Jen Broh

                       Photograph from June Meeting 2019

                       World Trip on a Bicycle : Pam Goodall

The speaker at our June meeting was the engaging Pam Goodall, who told the story of how at the age of 59, she decided to leave her life in Horsham and cycle solo around the world. Pedalling her way through Europe, Asia and America on her red bike named Alchemy, Pam encountered many characters along the way. Most of them were hugely supportive with their kindness and hospitality, providing food and a bed for the night - sometimes several nights! Pam freely admits that she wasn't an experienced cyclist before she set off on her year long trip and had never fixed a puncture. Which makes it all the more surprising that now at the age of 78, Pam doesn't own a car and her trusty bike is her sole method of travel. Attached to the bike is a small knitted mascot, which you sense has travelled with Pam for a fair few miles. I asked Pam about the mascot, but she told me I would have to read her book " Riding it Out" to find out more! Intriguing!

Jen Broh

                                                       July Meeting 2019

                                         Jubilee Sailing Trust: Steve Poole

The speaker at our July meeting was Steve Poole, a singer and guitarist who has supported the Jubilee Sailing Trust for many years. The trust runs two Tall Ships, the Lord Nelson and the Tenacious, which are designed so they can be sailed by a mixed ability crew, including people with a wide variety of impairments and health conditions. a number of the sailors use wheelchairs. Sadly, Steve told us the Lord Nelson will soon be retired, because of recent expensive damage to the ship. We saw some inspiring photos from the various sailing voyages of which Steve has been part and he also sang us a number of sea related songs and sea shanties, including Sloop John B, Sailing and The Drunken Sailor. A very entertaining evening.


Jen Broh

Photographs from April Meeting 2019

         Bags & Hats from Madagascar

Photographs from March Meeting 2019

               Life on a Harp String

Photographs from March Meeting 2018

Lavender Ribbon Cushions