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Past Events Sept 2016 -Dec 2016

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* The Houses of Parliament.

* Butterflies & West Horsley Macmillan Coffee Morning

* West Horsley WI join forces with Bookham Butterflies 

* Purple 4 Polio

* Emlyn Downs Quiz Evening.

* Sloe Gin Workshop.

* Glass Gallery Worksop.

* Molevalley Quiz Evening.

* The Tower of London.

Christmas Wreath Worksop.

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The Houses of Parliament


Sixteen Butterflies went to The Houses of Parliament today ( 12.09.16) Having been cleared by security we entered Westminster Hall, the oldest existing part of the Palace of Westminster. If you think the building is impressive from the outside the interior just takes your breath away. We started our guided tour at the Norman Porch tracing the foot steps the Queen takes for the State Opening of Parliament. She and the royal party enter by Sovereign's entrance. This year for the first time she and Prince Philip used the lift,and not the stairs,to take them into the Queens Robing Room where the Queen prepares herself for the event. The room was also used as the House of Lords Meeting Chamber briefly after the Commons was bombed in the blitz (1941) and the MP's moved into the Lords Chamber. We then went through various other beautiful chambers and into the House of Lords, it is not as big as you might think! Eventually we entered the slightly less lavish House of Commons. Alas we could not sit on the famous green benches. When the Commons was rebuilt after the blitz , Commonwealth Countries presented gifts to help the refurbishment;;;; Australia presented the Speakers chair, in front of this is a large table from Canada. Other countries including India, New Zealand and Sri Lanka also presented gifts. As our guide said everyone aroundthe world recognises the Houses of Parliament, the home of democracy. All in all a grand day out was had by all.

Linda Rockett.  Photographs : Jen McAllister.

Butterflies & West Horsley raise £885 for Macmillan.


" That's totally amazing! So glad to have been part of such a great event " Words from one of our members about our Macmillan Coffee Morning. Words which echo how we all feel after such a great morning which showed the true spirit of not only our WI but the local community of Bookham.

A thought which came from one of our members Linda about having a Macmillan Coffee Morning grew daily by the generoisity of those around us. We thought about a small coffee morning for our members to raise funds for this worthwhile cause but ended up joing forces with West Horsley WI to organise a hugely successful Macmillan Coffee Morning which raised £885.

Members of both WIs baked dozens of delicious cakes, we had a raffle supported by our members and local businesses, a chocolate tombola, guess the weight of the cake competition and a clothing stall. We were only stopped from making the event bigger by the size of our hall!

How do you begin to thank everyone who helped make Saturday such a success .... you know who you are ... We send you all a heart felt THANK YOU.


A great WI ... Thank you Butterflies for your help ,support ,time and commitment.


* West Horsley WI . It was great getting together for a joint event ...until next time!


 Retailers who donated prizes for the raffle.

* Head Officce, Coralina's, Heads Up, Cascade, Cachet, Dobbies, Rawlings & Kenstt, Captain Tortue & Old Habits.


 Retailers who donated chocolates.

* Bookham Post Office, West Horsley WI & Butterflies.



* Cakey Bakes by Rebecca for the wonderful Quess the Weight of the Cake.


* Captain Tortue for styling the ladies of Bookham.



* Warren Rockett Always there to help.



* Jen for the wonderful pictures as always.



Linda thanks for the idea! and above all ...all your hard work and commitment. Until next year!

Clare x


West Horsley & Bookham Butterflies Join Forces.


Bookham Butterflies WI invited us to help with their Macmillan Coffee Morning.The hall was beautifully arranged with a fab display of cakes from both WI's. A constant supply of coffee, chocolate tombola... very popular! and raffle with donations from local business and members.Their chosen venue was excellent for drawing in the passers by with easy access for local shoppers. We enjoyed working together. Thank You. Well done to all for the brilliant fundraising.

Jennie Hamel-Cooke

West Horsley WI

Purple 4 Polio Quiz

1 .10.16

Bookham and Horsley Rotary held a Quiz night on Saturday 1st October at East Horsley Village Hall in aid of Purple 4 Polio. Those attending were encouraged to wear purple , which was duly rewarded with bonus points.

Bookham Butterflies and West Horsley WI fielded two teams, "Purple Emperor" and "Purple Haze".

The quiz was won by St Nicolas Church with 94 points, Purple Emperor came a creditable 4th with 90 points closely followed by Purple Haze with 86 points.

The evening was a great success with 16 teams participating ... raising over £900 for the charity which we understand the Bill Gates Foundation will double.

Many thanks Bookham and Horsley Rotary for organising a most enjoyable evening.

Sheila Roberts.

Photographs  Linda Rockett.

Silverware for The Butterflies


The Butterflies are on the look out for a trophy cabinet, after securing their first silverware of the Quiz night season! Against the odds , our two teams taking part in the Emlyn Downs Quiz Night at St Mary's  Church Hall in Fetcham finished in first & second places, despite stiff opposition from  the WI's of Mole Valley, Leatherhead, Bookham Belles, Fetcham, Eastwick & Ashtead. Having spent all day ( well maybe not quite that long) swotting, the Butterflies team was a little surprised to come out on top with 482 points ahead of the Flutterbyes on 468. There is already talk of a title defence next year! But maybe we should enter three teams next time......

Thank you to Hazel and her team( Emlyn Downs ) for all their hard work...a great evening. 

Jen Mcallister

Sloe Gin Workshop


A wonderful evening spent making sloe gin with Ginny from " Wild at Heart". We sampled sloe gin from Autumn 2015 while preparing the sloes by pricking them so they would release enough juice to make our sloe gin of Autumn 2016 a deep red in colour. We were then taken through the various steps to the process of making the sloe gin before ending up with two large bottles which Ginny assured us would be ready for Christmas!  ... Ho Ho Ho !

Clare x

Glass Gallery Workshop


We had a very pleasant time being creative using metal shapes and chips of glass to decorate our sheets of glass, which will be fired to create coasters, hangers or candle holders.  We can't wait to see the finished results! It is difficult to visualise what we have created because during the firing process the metals and the glass chips change colour. Looking forward to seeing the end result....back Monday.... great results!

Elspeth Young.

Mole Valley Quiz Evening


Mole Valley WI hosted a Quiz Evening and kindly invited us to send along a team - we won this event in 2015. Although we only had a short notice to get a team together...we managed to pull together a team of 8 ( BBWI members, some husbands and a daughter! ) to compete against the 7 other Mole Valley Teams. 

A fun evening was had even though our Joker did not help us in the hard Science & Nature round! In Olympic terms we won a Bronze Medal ( finishing 3rd)

Thank you Mole Valley for inviting us to join you.

Linda Rockett.

Tower Of London


Our second trip to The Tower of London to see The Ceremony of the Keys. This takes place every evening at the Tower and has done so in some form or other since the 14th century. At exactly 9.53pm, the Chief Yeoman Warder, dressed in Tudor watchcoat meets the military escort, made up of members of The Tower of London Guard.Together the Chief Yeoman Warder and the Yeoman Warder "Watchman" secure the main gates of the Tower. Upon their return down Water Lane , the party is halted by the sentry and challenged to identify themselves.

Sentry : Halt! Who comes there?

Chief Warder: The Keys

Sentry: Who's Keys?

Chief Warder: Queen Elizabeths keys.

Sentry: Pass Queen Elizabeths Keys . All is well.

Following this , the party makes its way through the bloody Tower Archway into the fortress, where they halt at the bottom of the Broadwalk Steps. On the top of the stairs, under the command of their officer, the Tower Guard present arms and the Chief Warder raises his hat proclaiming:

Chief Warder : God preserve Queen Elizabeth.

Sentry: Amen!

He then takes the keys to the Queens House for safekeeping, while the last post is sounded.

Although a cold winters evening , we all enjoyed the trip. We had a good meal at Brasserie Blanc prior to The Ceremony of the Keys.

Christmas Wreath Workshop


Cathy arrived at 9am and we set out  the wonderful selection of Christmas Wreath accessories . There were so many that they filled the hall and the kitchen ! By 10am the door bell rang and the first of the Butterfly ladies arrived...closely followed by the remaining 11 for the morning workshop. Cathy explained each step of making a wreath and then guided us through adding foliage to our oasis and then choosing our  own colour palette from the vast selection of Christmas accessories. Cathy did explain that there are no rules when designing your wreath , each one is individual to the maker... and indeed I felt each one reflected the makers personality. The morning flew by and the last person left at 1pm giving us half an hour to tidy up ,eat a sandwich and have a cuppa! 1.20pm the door bell rang and the afternoon session had started.Again Cathy very calmly ran through each step , helping if and when needed and giving lots of great advice. Again the afternoon raced passed and soon the tiding up had started and I said goodbye to everyone by 4.30pm. 22 of us made beautiful bespoke Christmas Wreaths... each person surprised themselves at how creative they could be and are already looking forward to the workshop next year.

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Emlyn Downs Quiz 2016
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